St. Mary’s College was founded by the Sisters of Mercy in 1850, and today the Sisters proudly retain their ownership of the College. Their interests are represented by the Board of Directors of St. Mary’s College Auckland Limited, which is responsible for the land and buildings occupied by the College, and for maintaining and preserving its Special Character.

Working collaboratively

The Board of Directors works closely with the Board of Trustees, which has operational management for the day-to-day running of the College. The Board of Directors also works closely with the Principal of the College and the teaching staff.

The Board of Directors is delighted with the way in which the College is growing and the wonderful achievements being obtained academically and in the areas of music and sport.  The Board was delighted to welcome a new Principal to the College in 2013, Bernadette Stockman, and is enjoying working with her to continue the outstanding growth and success of the College. 

A Building and Development Programme

To meet the urgent demand for expanded facilities in recent years, the Board of Directors developed a ten-year building and development programme.  Stages 1 through 5 of this have now been successfully completed.

These included:

  • new classroom blocks
  • library
  • staffroom complex
  • technology facilities
  • renovation of the Administration Block
  • student cafeteria and meeting room
  • Religious Education Faculty
  • Art Faculty
  • Student Services such as Careers and Counselling areas
  • award-winning Gymnasium
  • refurbishment and heating of the swimming pool
  • new kitchen
  • additional car parking facilities

Looking to the future

Stage 6 of the Ten Year Building and Development Programme, which comprises the building of a new Science Block, the provision of five additional classrooms and additional office space, has commenced construction and will be available for use in August 2017.

The Board of Directors is committed to providing facilities to ensure that the future growth of the College is provided for, and is most grateful for the support received from parents and friends of the College in recent years to assist it to achieve its goals. 

Support for a tradition of excellence

With continued support from friends, parents and the wider community the Board can  implement its growth and development strategy. This will ensure that the long-held traditions of excellence and Mercy at St. Mary’s College are maintained for current and future generations.

Information about fees and donations from the Ministry of Education is included below.

MOE Flowchart Fees and Donations in Schools March 2015 

The Board of Directors is comprised of the following members:

Mr Paul Keane (Chairperson)

Ms Alison Munro (Deputy Chairperson)

Mrs Bernadette Collins (Director)

Dr. Catherine Fisk

Sr. Leona Garchow, rms (Director)

Mr Frank Godinet (Director)

Mrs Shyrelle Mitchell (Director)

Mr Patrick Ryan (Director)

Dr Josephine Williams (Director)

Mrs Rebecca Grbin (Director)

Mrs Carmel Molloy (Secretary)

With Best Wishes

Paul Keane
Board Of Directors
St Mary's College
17th August 2016

2017 Meeting Dates

31 January – Combined BOT/BOD meeting

27 February

20 March

1 May

22 May

19 June

24 July

14 August – Annual Meeting

21 August

18 September

16 October

20 November